Whatever the building, wherever the location, ABSOLUTE can cater for all of your scaffolding needs.

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Our team of dedicated staff have more than 130 years of experience in the trade and take pride in every single project.

Whether you need a small access tower for a domestic home or full-building scaffold, we have the expertise and equipment to help ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget.

Domestic Services

Whether your home is a unique cottage more than a century old, or a new property built to exacting modern standards, ABSOLUTE have the skill and expertise to ensure that your scaffolding will be erected in a sympathetic, timely and safety conscious manner, no matter what the scale of the work being undertaken.

We specialise in providing scaffold for works to new builds, repairs to chimneys, the building of extensions, roof replacements, painting and rendering and all other general remedial works.

With ABSOLUTE you can be sure that the scaffolding will be there when you need it without impacting on your access to, or use of, your home.

Commercial Services

At ABSOLUTE we recognise that time is money. We are therefore committed to providing a prompt service while strictly adhering to safety and budget issues.

We have experience in providing scaffolding for large hotels, the premises of blue chip financial organisations, public sector property, new-build housing projects and apartment blocks.

ABSOLUTE SCAFFOLDING LIMITED enjoys close relationships with our clients allowing our management and operatives to build working relationships with other sub contract trades for the duration of a project.

Whatever the scale of the project, ABSOLUTE will liaise with your company at all stages of the undertaking to ensure that your requirements are met.

Visit our gallery and testimonials pages to see how we've helped some of our recent customers.

Industrial Services

ABSOLUTE have a wealth of experience in the industrial sector and have the equipment and skills to deal with the unique environment and sheer scale of projects that industry often demands. For example; The Energy From Waste Plant, Pulrose Power Station and Meary Veg, Sulby and Douglas Water Treatments Works.

As a safety orientated company, we will ensure that the work we undertake will not impinge on the safety of your staff, allowing them to still carry out their jobs without restriction.

Our team of scaffolding professionals are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with a bespoke service to help get your project off the ground and fully fulfil the needs of the end client.

Events / Platforms

The Isle of Man hosts a number of events during the year from art & culture to sport and adventure and we have been proud over the years to provide bespoke staging, spectator stands, start finish arches and platforms for many of them. They come in all shapes and sizes and are often in a surprising variety of locations from schools to heritage venues, to outdoor and indoor concerts, to local sports grounds and of course the infamous TT Course for which we provide all the Marshall Posts under government tender.  Please contact us if you need further details or advice regarding the best scaffold to suit your event.

We can cover events providing stages and platforms in addition to erecting Marshall stands and camera stands.

Services for listed buildings

As a Manx company we are acutely aware of the rich heritage afforded by the unique buildings on the Island.

From crofters' cottages to Celtic churches, our careful and skilled staff will ensure that your scaffolding will be erected in a sympathetic and safety conscious manner.

Whether it's a long-term project or a quick fix, our scaffolders will help restore your building to its former glory without compromising its unique character or charm.

Have a look at our gallery to see how our scaffolding has helped restore some of the Island's most architecturally rich buildings.

Services for civil buildings

As a long-established Isle of Man company, we at ABSOLUTE take pride in our community and undertake civil projects with the utmost care.

Our extensive portfolio includes the provision of scaffolding for the maintenance and construction of schools, hospitals, libraries and community buildings.

Our tailor-made scaffolding solutions will ensure that whatever the scale of the project, public access to, and use of the building will not be adversely affected by the erection of scaffolding.


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