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Every project is bespoke and as such, we customise our quotes to accurately meet your individual requirements. For this reason we do not work to fixed prices, but provide individually tailored costs.
You can complete the ‘contact us’ / ‘request a quote’, phone us on 01624 620505 or email info@absolute.im!
You will be assigned a Quote Manager who will contact you to discuss your requirements. Following this they will arrange to visit the site where you require scaffold, measure the area, check the suitability (i.e is the area even, are there any obstacles, are there steps or stairs, can we park our wagon near your property etc). The Quote Manager will discuss with you the works you plan to carry out and how long you anticipate they will take. You will then be sent a ‘No-Obligation’ Quote to consider. If you are happy with the quote, the Manager will assist you throughout the process.
How soon do you need it? We will do our best to meet your deadline, in some cases we can provide quotes on the same day and in the majority of cases by the next working day. If it is a complex build, it can take a little longer but as soon as we have assessed your needs we can send you a quote via email, letter or phone.
As a guideline we say up to 6 months but if that period has been exceeded please call us to discuss the quote as we may be able to hold the price for an extended period in certain circumstances.
No. You can have the scaffold for as short or as long as you need it as long as you keep us informed. In your quote we will set out the terms of your hire as discussed at our site visit; if your needs have changed and you need a reduced or extended period, please contact us again and where appropriate we can update our quote to suit your new requirements.
This is at your own discretion and we are happy to work directly with you or with the builder but if possible, it would be beneficial for us to meet with the builder before we provide the quote to ensure the scaffold we are quoting for will meet his needs.
Erecting scaffolding requires knowledge and experience to ensure the safety of both the people erecting it and the people using it, and to limit the potential for damage to property. At Absolute we provide a professional service and do not recommend erecting scaffold without the expertise of a qualified scaffolder therefore we do not sell scaffold direct to the public.
Our priority is to ensure you are happy with the service we provide; any issues such as difficult access, soft ground, potential hazards will be discussed with you when we quote to ensure we have taken full account of them and you know what steps we will take to mitigate any potential damage including, but not limited to one or more of the following options: using a smaller vehicle from our fleet, parking outside of your property boundaries or placing cones to direct our drivers and to notify others that there is an obstruction to the drive.
Our motto is ‘Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care’, we don’t consider any job to be too small or too big for us, if all you need is a small platform or tower, we would be happy to provide this. We stock a vast range of equipment and our large team of qualified scaffolders are able to do all kinds of scaffold works and often at very short notice.
We have provided scaffold stages/platforms for many events, from school plays, to Gaiety Theatre Shows, to concerts on the beach to Camera stands for the TT, to start finish arches for local sporting events. Our advanced trained and qualified scaffolders have many years experience building scaffold to suit you needs, contact us and we would be happy to provide a quote.
We will maintain access to any entrances that you need access to and if you require it, we can ensure the entrance is protected from any potential debris that may fall as a result of your works through the use of netting, a fan or boarding.
Absolute Scaffolding Limited evolved from a building firm that recognised a gap in the market for a scaffolding company with a solid knowledge of the building process. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you with all your scaffolding requirements not only in quoting for and providing them but also in ascertaining what you might require. Please call us and we will be happy to help.
We work closely with a number of scaffold designers and are experienced at working to specialist designs involving specialist components.
No, we can provide a quote that will price for both works being completed at the same time and a separate quote to allow for them to be erected at different times and you can choose which option suits your works and finances best.
In general it is more cost effective for us to erect neighbouring scaffolds at the same time but if you are considering this please discuss the details with your quote manager.
When do you want us to start? We will work within your time frame, ideally we ask for a week’s notice, two week’s for complex scaffold works but often we can start within a couple of days. Please note this may be delayed if your property has overhead cables in the area that is to be scaffolded as they will need to be shrouded by the Manx Utilities or if your scaffold is to be erected on a pavement, highway or public area, as a permit will need to be obtained from the DOI but details of this will be included with your quote.
If it is only a small alteration, works will be charged in accordance with our day work rate quoted in your original quote but if the change is significant, we will provide an additional quote for the extra works for you to consider before we proceed.
All of our scaffolders are supplied with uniform (black top and bottoms with a logo’d hi-viz vest) and full personal protection equipment (hard hat and harness) which should make them easily identifiable but if you are in any doubts please contact your quote manger or the office and we will confirm the details of the men you can expect to be at your property. Photos of our senior scaffolders can be found on this website.
If you have pre-advised us of your timetable, it will be our priority to fulfill your requirements over and above other unscheduled works. Every customer is important to us, our motto is: ‘Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care’ If an urgent, unforeseen situation should arise, which may delay us from attending your site, we will phone you to discuss this first, rather then simply not turning up and letting you down.


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