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Need to Buy a Good Suit?

December 4th 2014
 Need to Buy a Good Suit?

Can organizing a scaffold, that truly fits your needs, really be compared to buying a good suit?

"Suit? Scaffold? How can you possibly consider comparing them? Are you going mad?" I hear you shout.

Well.... Yes... Maybe??? It does however provide a good analogy to help you understand the kind of service and experience that we aim to provide at Absolute Scaffolding.

In common with scaffold, suits are something you don't buy very often; it's an expense you would like to do without but in many circumstances they are necessary and if they fit well, really enhance the project. 

Unfortunately not everyone seems to appreciate this and we have all seen the baggy suits worn by a 'thrifty' uncle at a family do; you know, the one who is constantly pulling up his trousers and appears in every photo, in spite of your mother trying to cajol him to the seats, out of sight. And we all ask the question ( the edited version): why didn't he take the time to get a suit that fitted him properly?


Poor scaffold can be just as obvious: it's not quite high enough to reach the place you need without overstrecthing; it blocks a main entrance and you know if you try and put any more than a bucket of plaster down on the top lift, the person below is going to get a nasty surprise and add to that the worry that you have to move the ladder to get to the next level.... Then you start to think about whether it is secure and can cope with the weather, if you really should have netted the front to stop Aunty Beryl getting a rubble shower every time you start to hack at the render and wonder why someone from DOI is knocking on your door asking if you have a permit to have scaffold on the pavement and you haven't even seen the bill yet!

Choose the wrong scaffold partner and you could be taking on more than you bargained for but at Absolute Scaffolding we do our best to make the process simple; we ask you specific questions to ensure we understand your needs and in return we expect you to have queries to be addressed before, during and after works and will assign you a scaffold manager to help you through the process.

What should you expect from your scaffold?

  • Your scaffold should make your work easier
  • It should allow you access to all the areas you require (including ladders for each of the levels you will be working at)
  • It should be safe enough to support reasonable loads in accordance with type of work you are doing 
  • It should also be constructed in a way that does not present a danger to yourself, neighbours or members of the public.
  • You should be fully advised about any requirements for scaffold permits, extra protective measures (such as handrailing and debris netting), any requirements for cable shrouding
  • It should be built to withstand reasonable weather conditions and furthermore if high winds are forecast, your scaffold company should be able to advise you on whether any additional measures are required to protect your project with regard to the scaffold.

Unless your project is very complex and likely to change during the course of construction, you should be provided with a clear quote outlining the terms of business, which also details how long you are allowed to retain the scaffold for.

Take your time, make sure you find someone you can work with, who really can and will answer your questions, that makes the whole process easier for you and at the end of the process you will feel satisfied that you have not only what you asked for but also exactly what you need and are therefore willing to consider using again.

 At Absolute Scaffolding, we work with a wide range of customers and we recognise that it is not a daily or even annual expense for most people and therefore customers need support and guidance to help them arrange the scaffold that is truly fit for their purpose. Every customer has their own individual requirements and every job is important to us. We expect you to have questions and we are always happy to show you examples of work we have completed and regularly receive compliments and testimonials fom satisfied customers.

Once you contact us and advise what you need the scaffold for (be it a small platform for a concert or family photo or a sprawling technical new build property), one of our experienced scaffold managers will call at your property to ensure we provide a quote that reflects what you have requested and will provide you with our full terms and conditions of service to ensure there are no hidden surprises. We encourage you to contact us if you require any clarification of your quotation and will advise you if this is going to be achievable within your budget and timescale. 

We pride ourselves on providing a professional service and your safety and customer satisfaction are always our priority with a dedicated Health & Safety Officer and a team fully equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment to attend to your scaffold needs.

After the scaffold has been erected by our experienced fully trained team of scaffolders, we are still happy to answer any queries you may have and should you decide to extend works or commence another project, we will be happy to assist, preparing an additional quote if necessary. Service begins from the moment you contact us until the last piece of our scaffold is removed from your project.

We ensure that getting the scaffold that fits you properly is as easy as


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